Forest Management

All facets of forestry and timber harvesting from planning and permitting through approvals and sales are conducted by NRM professionals with long histories in the practice of forestry and who have provided direct management services on more than 70,000 acres for clients in northwestern California.  These services include the recommendation of silvicultural treatments, the planning, writing and implementation of the timber harvesting plans, supervision of site preparation and reforestation activities, logging accounting and comprehensive logging administration. 

NRM routinely authors and supervises forest management plans for large and small landowners.  NRM also provides log accounting and logging administration services throughout the timber harvesting process.  NRM’s staff includes several Registered Professional Foresters who prepare timber harvest plans, non-industrial timber management plans, land management plans, and obtain associated agency permits for a diversity of private landowner and industry clientele.

The log marketing and timber sale negotiation services include negotiating the best price for delivered logs for our management clients, contract negotiations with loggers and truckers in relation to timber operations, and regularly negotiating rights-of-way fees and easement acquisition.  

Feasibility & Supply Studies

NRM has prepared feasibility studies that addressed the development of properties for forest management, the development of production facilities and the organizational structure of an industry research institute.  NRM has also assessed local and regional timber supplies at client’s request.

NRM has completed forestry projects in Canada, Iran, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Micronesia.  International projects performed by NRM have included feasibility studies for forest development and production facilities, construction and management of sawmills, supervision of harvesting, crew training, inventories and mapping services.

Forest Engineering

NRM’s forestry staff includes forest engineers who design and prepare site appropriate harvesting and transportation systems that minimize cost, maintain safety, and reduce impacts to the soil, water, wildlife and other forest resources.  These foresters also prepare and administer harvesting and road work contract activities and log sales.

Forest Inventories

NRM has performed timber inventories throughout the western U.S., and portions of the southeast U.S. and Alaska on both public and private lands.  These have included general management inventories, appraisal inventories (for purchase or sale), litigation inventories and stand examination inventories.    NRM maintains a full-time inventory staff that provides quality control and a quick response to inventory requests.  Our in-house computer programming provides job-specific data collection programs and customized inventory reports.  We routinely provide inventory services for clients who have an in-house inventory system but do not have the necessary field personnel.

Growth & Yield Studies

Stand growth is established through modeling or by sampling the actual tree growth.  Stand data is collected during an inventory and a growth rate for the stand is developed.  The growth rate is applied to the standing timber inventory to predict potential yields in the future.

Two legacy growth and yield modeling methods include Cactos (California Conifer Timber Output Simulator) and Cryptos (Cooperative Redwood Yield Project Timber Output Simulator). A more currently used modeling method is FORSEE (FORest and Stand Evaluation Environment).  Other stand growth prediction methods include Movement Ratio Tables (MRT) to “grow” the stands and predict the future volume, diameter and density of the stand, and Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS).

Permanent growth plots are used where direct periodic stand growth can be determined through repeat measurements of the same trees on the plot over time. Total plot growth within a stand type is then applied to the stand to predict stand growth.