Fisheries & Hydrology


NRM's fish biologist conduct fish habitat assessments. They preform fish relocation for dewatering projects.


NRM’s staff hydrologist evaluates erosion and sediment sources on roads and landings, investigates hillslope stability, assesses stream channel impacts and aquatic habitat, maps and classifies watercourses and conducts riparian surveys.  The hydrologist performs aerial photograph interpretation to analyze road construction history, landslide activity and other erosion processes. 

Road Assessment

NRM conducts road system investigations to identify and map areas or site specific structures that are failing or prone to failure and plans rehabilitation or mitigation projects relating to sediment control.  NRM has a staff member certified as a Professional Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Specialist by the Soil and Water Conservation Society.  Designing and directing road rehabilitation projects on public and private landholdings has proven to be of critical importance for a number of different project types.


NRM’s Hydrologist conducts geomorphic mapping, aerial-photograph interpretation, erosion and sediment inventories, treatment prescriptions, culvert risk analyses, stream profiles, hydrologic analyses, impact assessments, cumulative effects analyses, and watershed analyses.